Pastry Chef, Pangea Kitchen

The strawberry doesn’t get enough credit, in my opinion. It has kind of become the berry that’s just always around. But, if you really think about it, nothing beats biting into a fresh, ripe strawberry. 

So, this summer we’re celebrating the humble fruit by once again offering our unique strawberry tiramisu dessert. It’s an incredible dish! But to really appreciate this novel spin on a traditional dessert, you must first understand the classic tiramisu.

We offer traditional tiramisu year round. The main ingredient is mascarpone cheese that we combine with sugar, eggs, and a splash of Marsala wine to make a cream. The Marsala wine gives the cream a really unique taste. It’s a dessert wine with a strong flavor that reminds me a little of a port wine. Because of its intense flavor, it is used mostly for cooking. This is not a wine you’d sit down and drink a glass of (at least I wouldn’t!) but it really sparkles in the tiramisu.

The other key ingredients are ladyfingers that we dip in espresso. The finished dessert is simply layers of the cream, ladyfingers, and a little shaved chocolate. So, it goes — cream, chocolate, ladyfingers, cream, chocolate, ladyfingers. We finish it off by sprinkling a little cocoa powder on top. Delicious!

Now, the strawberry tiramisu is a little simpler. In fact, we joke that it’s like a fancy strawberry shortcake. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Like I said, nothing beats a fresh strawberry. And, when making strawberry desserts, I’ve learned that it is best to be simple, and let that berry shine!

Strawberry Tiramisu: There is no coffee or marsala wine in this version. We make a sweet cream including the mascarpone cheese. The ladyfingers soak in a fresh strawberry puree. We layer those together to make this simple delicious dessert.