As we’re all well aware, cheese is an essential ingredient to nearly any dish. It complements every food category without discrimination, from pizza to soup to ice cream if you’re adventurous enough. Cheese is a staple food, the perfect garnish for the perfect dinner, but where does it come from? Some of you might think it comes from cows, and while you’re not necessarily wrong, the best cheese comes from our friends at Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese!

It’s no secret that we’re well-known for the unconventional pizza (we’re looking at you, Pistachio White Pie), but even with all the pizza recipes in the world, none are quite complete without that quality cheese to enhance flavor. Kenny’s Farmhouse develops the highest caliber of cheese, from the buttery and complex sophistication of Saint Jerome to the familiar ‘holey’ bliss that is traditional Swiss. 

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese initially began in 1976 in Barren County, Kentucky, where they still reside. Since 1998, Kenny’s has relied on their own cows for milk, and the farm is open for tours! You can watch that cheesy goodness being made right before your very eyes, and you can even elect to stay in the Airbnb on the farm’s property. Now that’s a gouda investment! Kenny’s Farmhouse is also dedicated to providing product that’s not only safe to consume but good for you, too! Their focus on milk production without steroids or other unnecessary enhancers makes their cheese GMO free and helps to keep their herd happy and healthy! Isn’t that grate?

Several of our menu items require fresh product delivered by farmers we trust, and, call it cheesy, but we can’t think of better partners than our friends at Kenny’s Farmhouse! Drop into Pangea Kitchen today and get a taste of that dairy farm freshness!